Bible Study: John 3:16-21


How does this text reveal our sin (self-centeredness) and how we do not live as God desires?

What incident is John referring to in verse 14-15? Numbers 21:4-9

What has one to do with the other? What is Jesus talking about? Is it about more than Jesus on the Cross? Isaiah 45:22; John 8:28, 12:32; Acts 2:33

What are the differences?

Is there a double meaning to the words “lifted up?”

Why is  John 3:16 referred to by Luther as the Gospel in miniature?

What does it mean when Jesus says that God so loved the world?

Why is it that the person who does not believe in Christ is condemned? Verse 18, Acts 4:11-12

Was it Jesus’ mission to condemn? Explain

How about those who have never heard of Jesus? Romans 1:18-25

Why do people have troubling believing in Jesus? Verses 19-20

What does it mean to love the darkness?

How do you think Nicodemus felt as he left Jesus that night?

What do we know of Nicodemus after this encounter? John 7:45-52, 18:38-39 What does this possibly tell you of their encounter?

What are some present day examples of how God loves the world?

What would life be like now if God had not sent His Son? Discuss

The Seven Wonders of John 3:16. Discuss each element.

God The Almighty Authority
So loved the world The Mightiest Motive
That He gave His only begotten Son The Greatest Gift
That whoever The Widest Welcome
Believes in Him The Easiest Escape
Should not perish The Divine Deliverance
But have everlasting life The Priceless Possession
 (Note:  Bible Study materials are gathered from various resources, i.e.

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