Bible Study: More Than A Miracle


Bible Study Questions – Mark 3:7-12

Why is Jesus doing by withdrawing with His disciples to the sea? Does it have anything to do with the previous verse?

Why had the crowd gathered? Were they looking for a Messiah or a miracle worker? How does this equate to what many people are wanting from Jesus today? Matthew 4:24-25; Luke 6:17-19

It is wonderful for people to be attracted to Jesus. But if their focus is on what He can do for them instead of who He is will they follow Him for long if He asks more of them? Why or why not?

Do we see signs of this in our own society? If so, how?

Knowing this, what do you think Jesus was thinking?

What hints do we get from verse 8 & 9 as to the size of the crowd?

How much do you think crowd size had to do with the Pharisee’s wanting to destroy Jesus?

What can go wrong in a crowd atmosphere, especially as one as charged as the ones who followed Jesus? Mark 11: 8-10, 15:9-13; Acts 19:24-41

Why did the people want to touch Jesus and how would they know to do so? Mark 6:56; Matthew 9:20-21, 14:34-36; Luke 6:19

*Interesting fact* Idumea is the Greek name for a territory located south of Judea in the same general are as Edom. It was the homeland of Herod the Great. Isaiah 34:5; Ezekiel 35:15

General question…Do you believe that demons work in the same way today as they did then. Why or why not?

Why was Jesus so concerned about the demon’s giving up His identity? Genesis 6:2; Exodus 4:22; Job 1:6; 2 Samuel 7:14; Hosea 11:1

Why do you think they yelled out His name?

One might get the impression from what Mark has recorded thus far that Jesus was rather aloof, not allowing folks to talk about Him and not getting too close to anyone. How do we know from this passage that this isn’t true? Mark 3:13-15

If you were to define a devoted follower of Jesus, what would be your definition be? Why?

What makes you a follower?

(Note:  Bible Study materials are gathered from various resources, i.e.

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