Bible Study: The New You


Ephesians 4:17-32

What is the main idea in this passage?

Would you say that our old self is the source of our greatest conflicts? Explain James 4:1

What does Paul mean when he saws we should no longer walk as the Gentiles do? What does their walk look like? Describe their thinking, action and faith (the old self). 1 Peter 4:3-5

How then are we to walk differently? Colossians 2:6-8, 3:2-17

What are the practical results of the Gentiles’ wrong thinking? Who is responsible for their condition: themselves or God?

Verse 18 says that the Gentiles have become darkened in their understanding. How did they get this way?  Verses 18b-19; Romans 11:8-10

How does one “learn Christ?” Ephesians 1:13. Share how you have “learned” Christ.

What is the process of being “renewed in the spirit of our minds?” Romans 12:1-2

Describe, as best you can, the new self described by Paul.

Why is truth so important in a relationship? Describe a time where the lack of truth hurt a relationship in your life?

How is failing to tell the truth by saying nothing as big a sin as lying is? Why do people so this?

Is verse 26 talking about righteous anger? If so, give an example of righteous anger.

Which is more harmful to a relationship, even a relationship with God, anger or indifference?

What changes righteous anger into unrighteous anger? Exodus 34:6-7; James 1:19

Name some ways we give opportunity to the devil in our thinking, action and faith.

When is it right to meet your neighbor’s needs before your own?

What does Paul mean by “corrupting talk?” Matthew 12:34

How does one “grieve” the Holy Spirit? Isaiah 63:10

According to verse 31, what are the 6 things we must put away from us? How are they the same? How are they different?

Why is forgiveness necessary in a relationship?

It seems our world tends to lean towards anger and not kindness. Why is this?

How can we make a change so that we might honor God in our thinking, action and faith?

What are you prepared to sacrifice to strengthen your relationship with God?

(Please Note:  Bible study materials are gathered from various resources, i.e.

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