It’s Good To Be Used

“Here am I. Send me!”  Isaiah 8:8c

I had just explained to the ninth-grade class the fact that God knows every detail about our lives, including our thoughts.  The full impact came home to one class member who exclaimed, “Oh, my God!”  That’s how Isaiah felt in the presence of the Almighty.  He felt uncovered.

In an act of grace, God released Isaiah from the burden of his guilt.  God not only offered Isaiah forgiveness but also a new opportunity too.  By that invitation, God let Isaiah know that forgiveness was real.  Isaiah accepted the offer.  “Here am I! Send me.”

If a child is wiping dishes and breaks one, he feels guilty.  When his mother tells him that he is forgiven and that she trusts him to go on doing the dishes, the child is certain that he has been forgiven and accepted.  That is why it is so precious to be asked to do something for God.  Then we know that we have been accepted.  –Dwain Olson

Prayer: Thank you, God, for asking me to work in your kingdom for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Excerpt from:  Christ in Our Home, Volume II, Devotions for Every Day of the Year– Day 307 – Isaiah 6:1-8