For The Church Year — LENT

Lord Jesus, precious Savior, who went all the way to the cross to redeem me, a lost and condemned creature, graciously look upon me in this Lenten season, and let me find cleansing and healing in Your precious blood.  My transgressions caused You the agony of the garden.  My sins nailed You to the accursed tree.  You were forsaken so that I would not be forsaken throughout all eternity.  Make me see the awfulness of my sin and then Your wondrous love that would not let me die.

Grant that I may ponder day after day upon Your passion.  Let nothing distracting take my thoughts from You.  Draw me closer that I might find in You forgiveness and peace.

Bless this Lenten season in our many Lutheran congregations.  Grant to the pastors grace to proclaim Your glorious passion with consecrated hearts, that all who hear this message of reconciliation may love You more and more.  Abide with my household, and let sin have no dominion over us.  As I ponder anew Your death for my transgressions, make me bold to  live to You today and tomorrow and forever.  Amen. (78)

Excerpt from:  Lutheran Book of Prayer