Bible Studies

Due to the Coronavirus health risk our Bible Studies and Worship Services have been cancelled at this time.  


Sunday's at 9:15 am - Adult Bible Class

"Insight into Today's Bible Readings".  We will be examining and discussing the scriptural readings for the day's service. 

Children's Worship

The children will be dismissed from the worship service during the sermon hymn for a brief children’s class.  (This will be in place of the Children’s Bible Story Time.)  The children may remain in the class until the end of the worship service or until a parent comes to get them (for example, if the parent wants the child to participate in Holy Communion).

Women’s Bible Study (Monday's) 

We will study the Book of Ephesians.  Signed , sealed and delivered!!!!!   i.e. God has elected us.  As God’s elect we have forgiveness. Our election and forgiveness are guaranteed by the gift of the Holy Spirit, Who, by His presence gives us all spiritual blessings.  Yea, saved by Grace alone.


Ladies Bible Study - Lynden - Thursday's at 6:30 pm

They will be doing a study called “Enough for Now: Unpacking God’s Sufficiency”.  The concept of “having enough” is one that is not often experienced.  If I only had more money...more success...more time...then I would be fulfilled.  Yet even when more is attained, it rarely satisfies.  It is not “enough.”  This eight-lesson study explores the idea of “enough” through the study of Scripture—specifically the parable of the rich fool, personal stories, and practical exercise.  Over the course of the lessons, women will discover how to escape the insatiable quest for more by finding their “enough” in God.  

Saturday Morning Bible Study

7:30 a.m. breakfast

8 a.m. Bible Study — 1st /2nd Peter:  As you progress through this study you will deepen your understanding of who Jesus is, and what He has done for you. 


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